How Genesis Solutions Cuts through the Competition

Yes, New Jersey has some well-established sales and lead generation firms. However, many of them provide campaigns for several platforms simultaneously, which means their specialty in one particular medium of communication is limited. At Genesis Solutions we focus on reaching out to customers with in-store campaigns for the country’s best-known home renovation. This is far more effective than TV and radio spots combined.

Taking Your Business Model to Heart

The best businesses always want to think ahead to revenues and profitability in the next two weeks, two months, and two years. Genesis Solutions always considers the ambitions of the companies it endorses while developing campaigns. Every promotion is customizable to help both short and long-term ambitions to be reached. This, when coupled with a strong knowledge of developing and thriving markets in New Jersey, means that our clients enjoy high rates of conversations once representatives have interacted with customers.

No request is too big or too out of reach for our hard-working, close-knit team. After all, we’re here to give value for money that ensures a profitable return on every dime you spend on lead generation and marketing with us.

Satisfying the Customer’s Thirst for Knowledge

One advantage Genesis Solutions has when it comes to lead generation and marketing is the ability to talk directly to shoppers about home improvement in a retail environment that primes them to spend money: home improvement stores. By default, they are interested in the products we provide. Even better, our representatives offer introductory prices on most of the items we endorse; exclusive deals that cannot be bettered online. Talented brand ambassadors are also prepared for any question that might be asked about something on display.

To ensure consistency in the exemplary customer care we provide, our business has a thorough mentorship program that develops trainees into the sales and marketing professionals that our customers – not to mention our clients – deserve. Their aim is to deliver pitches about goods and services in an interactive way, and leave a lasting impression that result in recurring purchases for the future.

A Chance for a Career Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you bored with being complacent at work? Want to leap out of your comfort zone, and learn something new every day? Luckily for you, Genesis Solutions is hiring new team members for our mentorship program, and there is a place for you at the table. We’re here to give you all the skills needed to become a first-rate entrepreneur, and gain skills that are usable in your personal life, not just business hours. Many alumni of the scheme have gone on to run their own divisions of Genesis Solutions in exciting markets.